Everyone knows the misery and frustration that comes with having a flat tire. And doesn’t it always happen at the absolute worst time?! So what do you do when you have a flat tire? You must find a tire patch or repair shop to help you out. The cost of tire repairs varies between auto shops, ranging from reasonable to exorbitant. Keep reading for a GoTire mechanic’s advice on the best pricing options for damaged tire repairs.

First, decide whether you want to go for a patch or the repair option

Tire patch costs

If you go into a tire repair shop with a flat, the mechanics will ask you whether you want to replace or repair the tire. Most folks will go for the tire patching option, as it’s cheaper. But not only that. Professionally installed patches are safe, and the repaired tire can last for years.

  • Depending on the tire shop you go to, you will be charged $30 to $60 to patch up the tire.
  • If it’s an early puncture hole, it should cost you around $15 to $30.
  • You might be charged $20 or less if you visit a tire chain retailer.

Some repair shops offer free tire patch services if you have a loyalty card or something similar.

How much does it cost to replace a damaged tire?

Fixing a tire isn’t just about using a tire patch, tire sealant, or tire plug. It can also mean something further. This is when the tire is too damaged to be patched up. Maybe because it was punctured due to an uneven road shoulder or tire wear. At that point, the tire shop will inform you that you must replace the punctured tire. Ideally, though, you will want to replace both the front tires as well so that there isn’t uneven tread wear. How much will it cost to replace the tires?

  • The price tags may vary from $60 to over $2000, depending on the tire quality you choose, the manufacturer, the model, your vehicle’s brand name, and many other factors.
  • Expect to pay between $15 to $50 for a new tire installation in the shops (per tire).

That’s why used tires can be such a boon here since they are much cheaper than buying new ones.

If you decide to replace a tire, the price will depend on the new tire brand and model, plus the installation costs

How long does it take to fix a tire?

Usually, a tire patch takes just a few minutes, and a tire replacement can take 30 minutes to complete. This doesn’t account for where you are in the queue and how busy the service shop is.

If you are busy with work and don’t have time to waste, you can ask the tire shop to give you a ride back to your workplace. Reputable shops will gladly offer this service to you.

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3 major causes of flat tires

Are you wondering what exactly causes a puncture leading you to search for a tire patch shop? There are many causes for it. But here are three major categories. Pretty much everything else falls under them.

1. Construction/road debris

It could be that you drove through a section of the road where construction recently happened, and a nail, a piece of broken glass, or other debris was left behind. This could have pierced through, resulting in a damaged tire. These terrible road conditions aren’t anything you can control.

2. Wear and tear

In other cases, it could be because of natural wear and tear. That’s why checking tire treads and tire pressure regularly is necessary. Failure or damage to the valve stern can cause a flat tire as well.

3. Negligence

Of course, it could be something worse than that – perhaps you haven’t filled up your tires in a while, and the change in temperature outside caused it to go flat, or you were in a minor accident that bumped your tire and caused it to go flat.

Tire patches are absolutely safe, but the pros must perform the repair

Getting a tire patch — is it safe?

Don’t worry about driving with a patched tire. It’s completely safe to do so.

The only thing you will want to be careful about in this situation is to watch your speed while driving using a tire patch. Stick to the speed limit, don’t drive recklessly, and avoid smashing the brakes.

How long does a tire patch last?

A tire patch can last up to 10 years, depending on your driving style and car maintenance. Punctures less than 1/4 inches for passenger tires and 3/8 inches for steel belted truck tires can be repaired using a tire patch without any issues. These tire patch repairs should last for the lifecycle of the tire. The patch price is less costly than replacing the tire, so it helps you save money.

Tire patch cost using a kit

Some drivers will opt for repairing their flat tires at home using a tire patch kit, which can be bought from $5 to $20. You can also purchase a tire pump and sealants with the tire patch kit for $50. But, to be honest, we don’t recommend that unless you’ve had years of experience as a car mechanic. Tire repair is directly connected to safety on the road, and you don’t want to risk your and your passengers’ lives saving just a dozen bucks.

The tire repair kit will cost you around $5-20

What to do if you have a flat tire? 5 steps

  1. As soon as you notice that you have a flat tire, slow down. If you are already standing still, then that’s perfect.
  2. But if you were driving and discovered that your car is driving unevenly and you suspect a flat tire, slow down as much as you can. Make sure to watch out for other drivers.
  3. Turn on your emergency lights and pull over to the side of the road. Check your tire to confirm that it’s flat, and then call roadside assistance so that they can tow your car to the nearest tire shop.
  4. If you have a spare tire in the trunk, the roadside assistance service mechanics can help you replace the flat until you can get to a service shop to get your tire repaired or replaced.
  5. Inquire about the tire patch cost at the service shop before agreeing to any repairs. This way, you won’t be overcharged. Reputable auto shops will give a detailed invoice outlining what each line item is for. Go through it carefully before signing on the dotted line.

The tire patch cost is worth it at an auto shop!

Even though tire patch cost at a service shop is relevantly high, it might be worth the extra cost. If anything goes wrong with your vehicle, you can require the repair shop to provide you the compensation for any damages incurred.

Auto shops usually give a warranty on the tire patch jobs, so if your tire gets flat again within a certain period, you can go back and get a free repair, saving you the tire patch cost.

Labor costs vary widely from service shop to service shop, which will account for a big chunk of what you end up paying for your tire patch. It can be as much as $30 for the mechanic labor costs, even if the actual patching costs only $5.

These mechanic labor costs also vary from state to state, so you will have to figure out whether you live in an expensive state or not.

Now, when your tire has been repaired, you are free to go, But remember about the precautions!

The tire repair process in the shop

The mechanic will examine the punctured tire to determine whether it can be patched or not.

These are the criteria for tire patching:

  • If it’s punctured within the puncture repair area of the tire
  • The puncture is less than 1/4 of an inch in diameter
  • The puncture doesn’t overlap with another injury or is not across from another repair site

If the tire patching is impossible, they will repair it. The mechanic will do so by removing the punctured wheel by first lifting the vehicle off the ground and loosening the lug nuts.

Once the tire is off, he will figure out where the leak came from, so he can inform you of the exact cause. He will then replace the tire and the lug nuts, lowering the vehicle to tighten them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a tire?

To patch. It’s better to get a tire patched than replace it since it’s cheaper to do it that way. The tires will normally be repaired by hand in most cases. And if you use a patch kit at home, the tire patch cost is minimal. Make sure to get the tire patched at a reliable auto shop.

How long does a tire patch last?

Around 7 to 10 years. Tire specialists say a tire patched properly will last up to 10 years. Although tire patches are durable, tires shouldn’t need patching more than once. If you do patch a tire more than once, that can negatively impact a speeding test score and cause blowouts.

Is a patched tire as good as new?

Almost! If you hire an expert to do the patch job for you, then a patched tire can last as long as the original tire and even outlast its expectancy (making the tire patch cost worth it). If installed properly, the tire patches won’t come off easily and can be used as you would a new tire. You can also use tire sealant to do a better job of it.