New tires, directly from the tire enthusiasts

GoTire is a modern, dynamically growing company offering affordable, high-quality new tires to all U.S. drivers. We are tire enthusiasts with decades of experience and deep knowledge of the market and our customer’s needs. Our eBay shop features a comprehensive selection of new tires. And soon we will open a marketplace on our website too! GoTire’s warehouses are conveniently located in the country’s key logistics centers and can store dozens of thousands of new tires. This, plus free FedEx shipping, makes purchasing tires at GoTire more convenient than in a local shop!

Bringing customers’ needs to the spotlight 

Our customers are our number one priority. We have created this website based on key tire consumers’ requests. We asked you what tires you need and what are the pain points… And carved our eBay inventory, keeping in mind what you’re primarily looking for. The GoTire team works on providing the services that car owners need most. We know that swift and hassle-free delivery is a priority. If you shop with us, it is always free of charge, and super fast too! 

Today, GoTire offers its customers:

  • Affordable new tires, only from reputable brands
  • Round-the-clock consultations from our specialists
  • Smart & intuitive online tire search on our eBay page
  • Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Policy
  • Spacious, modern, high-end equipped warehouses in the country’s key logistic centers
  • Always free and fast FedEx shipping

A tire shop, open 24 hours

No matter where you are, what vehicle you drive, and what terrain you call home, we got the perfect tires for your ride. Customize your search on the GoTire eBay page according to your driving needs, and shop any time of the day! Looking for tires at midnight and have questions about the particular model? Our customer support team is here for you. We are available 24/7/365, including weekends and public holidays! 

The budget doesn’t matter, our goal is to offer you the best for every price range. Want to get the best tire deals for your ride? Try us, we are available.