There is a lot of knowledge that we knew to be true that later turned out to actually be false. Call them myths. Call them old wives’ tales. But we know now that cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis, that being cold doesn’t mean you’ll suffer from a cold, and handling a toad […]

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Maximizing fuel efficiency is a goal for many drivers. After all, what you save at the pump, can be invested, saved, or used for a splurge. Many drivers know that flat or underinflated tires decrease fuel efficiency. Under inflated tires also negatively affect maneuverability.
So if under inflated tires decrease fuel efficiency, do over inflated […]

At some point, every driver gets flat tire. The good news is many tires can be repaired. Your local Go Tire professional has a variety of ways to safely repair your punctured tire that are approved by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

There are several products that Go Tire professionals use to properly repair tires. Go […]

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At some point in every driver’s career, an errant nail punctures a tire and deflates our plans for the day. Where your tire is injured determines whether you need to repair or replace your tire.
Getting a puncture in your tire does not necessarily mean that you need a new tire. There are approved methods […]

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Have you ever had to use a tire sealant to fix a leak? Many of us have seen commercials for a number of products that can seal a puncture by simply injecting the solution through the valve hole. We weigh the pros and cons of those convenient repair products.
Most of us grew up hearing […]

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Spring has sprung! Soon we’ll be hitting the roads with our toys in tow. Before you go, here’s what you should know about the role your tires play.
If you are like most of us, your vehicle is being used for multiple purposes, especially if it is a truck or SUV. Most likely, you need […]

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Tire manufacturers introduce a new tire with the latest technology. The two main reasons new tire designs are introduced to the market are

A market need dictates a new tread design
New rubber compounds solve a problem.

Here are few new recently released tires that fit into both of these categories.

Toyo Open Country RT


The completely new Toyo Open Country […]

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The premise for the movie Unfinished Business is “A business trip to Europe goes disastrously awry for a small-business owner (Vince Vaughn) and his associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco), who are hoping to close the most important deal of their lives.”

Go Tire appreciates small business owners who go the extra mile. In fact, we […]

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I have to admit something. I have a problem. I like to clean. Sorry, I won’t clean your house. I have my own to do. But I do have a problem. My problem is I really enjoy cleaning my vehicle, inside and out. Are you like that or know someone who is? It’s not […]

Last month, the workers at ports throughout California went on strike for several weeks leaving an estimated $3 billion in goods sitting on boats scattered throughout the West Coast of California. As many of you know, we receive a great deal of items from paper to manufacturing raw materials to electronics from the Pacific. […]

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