Tire pressure & fuel efficiency: What you need to know

Maximizing fuel efficiency is a goal for many drivers. After all, what you save at the pump, can be invested, saved, or used for a splurge. Many drivers know that flat or underinflated tires decrease fuel efficiency. Under inflated tires also negatively affect maneuverability.
So if under inflated tires decrease fuel efficiency, do over inflated […]

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It’s Daylight Saving Time! Let’s be careful out there.

As if navigating slick, icy roads weren’t challenging enough, here comes the one-two punch of spring: The Spring Equinox and Time Change. On Sunday, March 8 Daylight Saving Time begins in most of Canada; Saskatchewan and parts of British Columbia can carry on as usual.

With time change and more hours of daylight come drowsy drivers […]

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Do you make these 3 driving errors?

No one really wants to make a mistake. Mistakes sometimes happen from a lack of knowledge, skill, or perhaps carelessness. With that being said, let’s take a look at three common mistakes drivers make on the roads. It’s tough to put these three in any order, or to only choose three as there are […]

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