PrimeTime Membership

What is a PrimeTime (PT) Membership?

A PT Membership gives you peace of mind when it comes to the hectic seasonal challenge of getting your tires serviced in spring or fall. Canadian weather commands a huge population to all rush toward tire service twice a year, spring and especially in fall. Things really escalate when there is a snowflake in the forecast. Moreover, in some areas of Canada it is regulated by law, or encouraged through auto insurance, to have winter tires put on. A PrimeTime Membership with Go Tire means you get to jump the line and we will reserve time for you in the high seasons of the year. You will also receive a variety of other benefits to add value to becoming a Go Tire PrimeTime Membership holder. See below for more details:

Benefits of becoming a PrimeTime Membership holder:

  • Memberships are annual
  • You and your family can rest easy and save together, as the benefits apply per household
  • Most high season surcharges do not apply to membership holders
  • Receive “Members Only” sales and offers
  • Jump the line with your membership and enjoy priority waitlist service call backs
  • You get access to our reserved Premium appointments during the high season(s)
  • Save money with no charge early/late fee for appointments outside regular hours (Subject to availability).
  • We call you first, and you get early seasonal booking opportunities before everyone else!
  • Enjoy our low season priority response during regular operating hours
  • Get access to our PrimeTime Member hotline. This is a phone line we respond to the fastest!
  • You can also contact us through a priority private email that helps to get our attention the fastest!


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High Season Notice

*High Season (Nov 1-30) Notice: We always endeavour to call back as soon as possible. We prioritize calls in the following fashion:

1. Urgent issues regarding same day / Next existing service related calls.
2. PrimeTime Membership Holders & Requests.
3. Existing Tire Storage customer requests.
4. Existing customer service requests including new tire purchases, and tire storage.
5. New customer service requests including new tire purchases, and tire storage.
6. Service Only Requests for all customers.

*To be considered at the top of our priority, please consider becoming a PrimeTime Member

Become a PT Member