The GoTire Story

Heather and Craig owned several franchises in the custom window fashions industry. In the fall of 2010, Heather and Craig, with 2 children under two and a company to run, were facilitating the changing of tires on several vehicles in their company fleet.

It took three days of planning, maneuvering, and driving to and from the tire shop to complete the task. Frustrated with this process, Heather said to Craig, “I wish someone would just come to us!” and there it was, all born from a simple comment.

It then took 6 months of time and investment, including trips to Europe and equipment research, to develop the GoTire concept. From there Heather and Craig put the plan into action, and opened the first operating model of GoTire.

From the beginning, GoTire was developed to become a franchise system. Designing the full concept required major investment and the help of many industry and franchising specialists. They even learned to change tires! With a very successful five year background in the franchising industry, Heather and Craig brought this simple idea to life!