The premise for the movie Unfinished Business is “A business trip to Europe goes disastrously awry for a small-business owner (Vince Vaughn) and his associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco), who are hoping to close the most important deal of their lives.”

Go Tire appreciates small business owners who go the extra mile. In fact, we appreciate the practice so much that we do Discovery Day differently than many franchise organizations. Most franchise companies’ Discovery Day includes inviting prospective franchisees to the home office to see the proverbial ivory tower, introducing them to a few people, chatting all day, and sharing a meal or two before sending them on their merry way.

We remember that experience. We recall taking time off of our jobs to travel to a corporate office. We remember explaining nuances of our service areas to people at the corporate office who hadn’t stepped foot out of the province.

Go Tire wanted to take a different approach. We use a Mutual Investigation process.

Instead of inviting our prospects to our offices, whenever we have the opportunity to visit the prospect in their territory, we take it. We – and by we, we mean CEO Craig Howes – travel to the prospective tire professional’s territory in the Go Tire Demo van to meet them where they are most comfortable and to explore the likely territory with them.

Among other things, this practice allows us to better understand a territory or parts of it. Because this is a one-on-one meeting is between Go Tire and the prospective tire professional, as opposed to a room full of prospects, more information about the territory is shared. Additionally, driving the territory enables us to identify opportunities and threats. These observations may inform future communications and planning.

Not many companies, and fewer busy CEOs, would criss-cross the country by van to meet prospective franchisees, but doing so has yielded some wonderful adventures, great stories, some business, beautiful relationships and some remarkable meals, too.

Learn more about Go Tire’s Mutual Investigation Process here.

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