Last month, the workers at ports throughout California went on strike for several weeks leaving an estimated $3 billion in goods sitting on boats scattered throughout the West Coast of California. As many of you know, we receive a great deal of items from paper to manufacturing raw materials to electronics from the Pacific. We also receive a great deal of tires and wheels from the Pacific, as well, that gets unloaded at these ports.

What this means to you

This kink in the supply chain will have a ripple effect on spring sales demand. We have already seen new 2015 custom wheel styles delayed by as much as 6 weeks. As for tires, the current supply will probably dwindle rapidly until the supply can catch back up to demand. While in this transition, you may find that the tires that you want are not available at the moment that you need them.

What about Go Tire?

Your Go Tire technician has multiple sources for tires and wheels that help us to maintain good inventory levels, and we will work with our suppliers to offer you alternative solutions if the need arises. We look forward to providing you and your family with the great service that you have come to expect throughout the upcoming changeover season.